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Get to Know Your Teacher: David

Updated: May 16, 2019

Why is Science Important?

We interact with science every day. When we open the door, that’s science. When we turn on a light, that’s science. Science allows us to see parts of the world objectively. It allows us to understand ourselves and our world using facts rather than feelings. Feelings are, of course, important, but feelings require reflection and discipline. Science helps to provide this. Most importantly, it teaches us to ask two of the most important questions- How? and Why?

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym that means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The main idea behind a STEM education is that these 4 fields are interconnected. You can’t engineer a bridge if you don’t understand mathematics. STEM also uses a more hands-on approach than traditional science classes. STEM asserts that children will have a better understanding of concepts and will be more engaged in learning if that learning includes doing.

Why do you think our children need a STEM education?

In short, they need a STEM education in order to become better critical thinkers. So much traditional education in Taiwan is aimed at memorizing facts in a book, and never putting those concepts to use in the real world. A STEM education makes what they are learning real. If a child is learning how to measure the area of a triangle, they will do so while building the roof of a house (not a real house, but a LEGO house).

How do you plan to develop children at JTIS?

I won’t lie. There is a large gap between the English that most of the students know now and the English they will need to know to master STEM. Their English classes will be more intense than anything they’ve done previously. We will start small, with simple experiments and simple instructions. As the year progresses and the children add to their English vocabulary, we can begin to do more complex projects. Through all of this, even when they are struggling with new words, I will keep them engaged with activities and games that stimulate their desire to know more.

-David, JTIS STEM Project Manager/Teacher

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