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小學部戶外教學 科工館探索UoI

On June 1st, 2023, our PYP1-3 students went on a field trip. We traveled by various kinds of transportation to the Kaohsiung Museum of Science and Technology. Despite some extended waiting times that were out of our control, we remained open-minded, flexible, and tenacious throughout the day.


PYP1 Transportation 交通工具

In the exhibition students explore the Pavillion of dream transportation system in Taiwan and all famous transport places and famous construction such as tunnels, bridges, roads. Students had the opportunity to drive some simulators of transport in Taiwan such as trains, buses, airplanes, scooters.


Learn the necessity of learning the traffic rules and understand how it's important to be responsible in the transportation system.

We explored on a real life trip how to use the HSR train in Taiwan, MRT (Kaohsiung) and how to book the tickets and find orientations in the stations.


PYP 2/3: Sharing the planet 共享地球

In our UOI, we have been inquiring into the Earth’s renewable and non-renewable resources and how we can use them responsibly to meet our needs as humans. We visited the exhibition on Climate Change which connected well with our classroom discussions about how various gases accumulate in the atmosphere, causing higher average temperatures, natural disasters and threatening the survival of animals like polar bears.

在 UOI課程中,我們一直在探究地球的可再生和不可再生資源,以及我們如何負責任地使用它們來滿足人類的需求,所以我們參觀了氣候變化展覽,該展覽與課堂討論緊密相連,討論了各種氣體如何在大氣中積聚,導致平均氣溫升高、自然災害並威脅北極熊等動物的生存。

Together with PYP 1, we also watched a 3D movie called Wings over Water about the importance of wetlands in the future of migratory birds in North America. One of the points made by the movie was that it is possible to meet our nutritional needs by cultivating crops while protecting the Earth’s resources.


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