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走訪鹿港 UoI學習組織自己

On May 11, 2023, our PYP4 and PYP5 students went on a field trip. The 2 classes had very different goals and they could be met by going to Lukang!


PYP4: How we organize ourselves 我們如何組織自己

In the PYP4 UOI class, we have been looking at these 2 lines of inquiry: “iconography” and “how visual language facilitates communication”. We decided to go on the field with specific goals; see for ourselves where and how images help us. We actually were doing research for our summative assessment.

在 PYP4 UOI課上,我們一直在研究這兩個問題:「圖像學」和「視覺語言如何促進交流」,所以我們決定帶著這兩個目標實際走訪,親眼看看圖像在哪里以及如何幫助我們,實體地為我們的總結性評估做研究。

Our learners brought their phones and they had to choose shop signs and photograph them. The next step was to identify the shop. After that they needed to explain what the images meant to them. Next, they had to walk in the shop and inquire about the origin of the images or symbols (logo). Finally, they had to assess whether or not the signs facilitated communication. Of course, we also took the opportunity to shop for ourselves and have some ice cream on that absolutely beautiful day!


PYP5: How we organize ourselves 我們如何組織自己

The PYP5 students have been discovering the world of economics from March to May. During this time the students collaborated to pick their own field trip location based on what they were learning in class. The city of Lukang was picked for its long history and continuing success in selling and distributing goods and services.

從3月到5月,PYP5 學生一直在探索經濟學世界,在此期間,學生們合作根據他們在課堂上學到的知識選擇了自己的實地考察地點,鹿港鎮因其悠久的歷史和在銷售和分銷商品和服務方面的持續成功而被選中。

This field trip is to help students appreciate the importance of an economy with real-world examples of a local economy, the national economy, and an international economy happening simultaneously. The town’s tourist sites allow visitors to experience a traditional market setting in an immersive way. Students and staff are encouraged to bring cash to engage in personal shopping experiences. A gallery, museum, and temple will also be visited to learn more about the topic of goods and services.


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