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Get to Know Your Teacher: Tony

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

What is the advantage for kids who can code?

In 21st century, electronic devices are everywhere, so we must have a basic skill for it.

Computer Programming is about solving problems, and design the algorithm to solve problems and instruct robots to help us complete the task.

Students who are with good coding abilities will do better in other subjects as well.

The students who learn coding, they can develop their critical thinking and creativity, they will have a better logic pattern this can relate to all other subjects for learning. Students with better logic and problem solving skills will be better than those who don’t.

Furthermore you can also work in the company you want, Google, Facebook, etc. . . .

Therefore, those students with programming skill will help them to develop a logic thinking and able to create the world differently, Terry Guo the president of Foxconn once said, AI is the future, so coding is the skill that all the young students need in future.

How does mathematics relate to computer programming, and why is it important?

Mathematics often called as the foundation of science, mathematics is the subject that we need a good comprehension.

Most of the mathematics problems are using coding to solve problems, we are no longer using paper and pen.

Therefore, it is very important that if you are good at Mathematics then you can also do programming very well.

How do you plan to develop kids’ math and computer skill in JTIS?

In 21st century, students are exposed to all kinds of knowledge on the internet, and learning becomes easier and easier. It should be step by step: firstly, we ought to motivate the students and, secondly, give them practice. Then, thirdly, combine both subjects together.

My teaching philosophy is always involvement, I want kids to understand first and able to use it anytime. I will encourage the students to think and to ask, develop their own skills for math and computer programming by guiding them to the right track. From my personal understanding, students have interested in math and computer programming then they will do it every day. They can learn by themselves and develop a lifelong learning style.

- Tony, Math & Programming

University of Auckland

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