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Teachers are not heroes, they are hero makers.

We are looking for qualified international & local teachers! Please send your CV to 
Shortlisted candidate will be contacted within 72 hours.

Bilingual Teacher


  • 有國際課程經驗

  • 可以全英語授課

  • 持有國際課程證照、國際英語教師資格證

  • 海歸教師優先

  • ​招聘英語、數學、科學、社會科學等科目老師


  • 提供教師宿舍、三餐

  • 全英語工作團隊

  • 多文化、國際工作環境

  • 專業證照培訓

  • 豐富校外活動​



  • One or two semesters available.

  • Junior or senior undergraduate students or graduate students, preferably Education majors, with approximately 100 hours of classroom observation and/or related teaching experience.

  • English native speaker or with equivalent language proficiency certificate.

  • Available subjects: English/ESL, STEM, PE, Art, Music, Dance & Drama, Social Studies and more.

Foreign Teacher


  • ​Certified with international teaching qualification (120-hour TEFL or Teacher's License in your home country).

  • Bachelor's degree or above in related field of knowledge.

  • English native speaker, or with Language certificate.

  • Prefer teachers to have at least 1 year of experience with an international curriculum.

  • Available Subjects: English, Math, Science, Humanities, etc.


  • Sponsored and paid Working Visa and Foreign Working Certificate.

  • Airfare stipend upon one year contract completion.

  • Affordable teacher housing.

  • Affordable meals on teaching days.

  • Comfortable living wage for Taiwan.



  •  Monthly stipend

  • Affordable meals are provided during school days.

  • Affordable teachers' housing is provided on campus.

  • Round trip airfare stipend is provided upon completion of 2 semesters.

  • International teaching experience looks good on your resume.

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