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Get to Know Your Teacher: Elsabe

My name is Elsabe and I am from South Africa. I enjoy being active and spending time in the outdoors. I also love cooking and baking. My husband and I have lived in Taiwan before and we are grateful to be back. We've been living in the beautiful town of Puli since March 2020.

My mom used to be a teacher when she was younger and I remember hearing about her grading papers until midnight and watching her stay in class during break times to assist and encourage students having a hard time. I never imagined myself following in her footsteps by choosing the same career. It's several years later and here I am, teaching little ones to become the best learners they can be.

Being a teacher allows me to impart life lessons that students might always remember. It puts me in a position to influence their academic performance, the decisions they make and the way they conduct themselves. Developing strong moral values as a child is of utmost importance to face whatever might come their way in the future. I believe that one of my responsibilities as a teacher is to lead by example though choosing my words well and aligning my actions to what I believe is right.

Elsabe, JTIS English Teacher/Science Teacher

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